DREWES Shipping is a well-established and reputable shipbroker that operates globally in the bulk, break bulk and project cargo shipping industry. With extensive experience in the transportation of various commodities, the company has established a strong network of clients and partners that rely on their services.

Transportation of commodities

One of the key areas of expertise for DREWES Shipping is the transportation of iron ore, coal, grain, wood pellets, steel, aluminium, and scrap metal. The company has developed specialized knowledge and skills in handling these commodities, which require specific handling and transportation methods. They ensure that each cargo is transported safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively by selecting the most suitable vessels, ports, and routes.

Wide range of freight contracts

DREWES Shipping offers a wide range of freight contracts, from short-term spot to long-term timecharters, which provides flexibility and customized solutions to meet their clients' needs. Short-term spot contracts are ideal for companies that need to transport cargo occasionally, while long-term timecharters are suitable for those who require regular transportation of cargo. With the company's extensive knowledge of the market and the shipping industry, they can assist clients in selecting the best contract options that match their specific requirements.

Market analysis and consultancy services

In addition to their brokerage services, DREWES Shipping offers market analysis and consultancy services. They provide valuable insights into the market trends, freight rates, and industry news to help clients make informed decisions. Their consultancy services include advice on cargo stowage, handling, and transportation methods, as well as vessel selection, charter party negotiations, and risk management.

Our commitment

DREWES Shipping's commitment to providing high-quality services, reliable solutions, and personalized customer care has earned them a strong reputation in the industry. Their team of experienced professionals, combined with their extensive network of partners and affiliates, ensures that clients receive the best possible service and support throughout the entire shipping process.