DREWES Shipping is a renowned operator in the break bulk and project cargo segments, providing specialized transportation services. The company has a wealth of experience in handling complex and oversized cargoes, and their team of experts is skilled in providing innovative solutions for even the most challenging transportation projects.

Steel and steel products

One of the key areas of expertise for DREWES Shipping is the transport of steel and steel products. They have developed specialized knowledge in handling and transporting these materials, which require specific equipment and handling methods. They ensure that each cargo is transported safely and efficiently by selecting the most suitable vessels, ports, and routes.

To ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation, DREWES Shipping offers a comprehensive range of services, including the surveillance of cargo securing and handling processes. Their experts are present during loading and unloading to ensure that the cargo is handled with care and secured properly to prevent any damage or loss during transit.

Best possible service

DREWES Shipping's commitment to providing high-quality services, innovative solutions, and personalized customer care has earned them a strong reputation in the industry. Their team of experienced professionals, combined with their extensive network of partners and affiliates, ensures that clients receive the best possible service and support throughout the entire shipping process.

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